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We live and breathe "Mobile"

We are a team of passionate professionals, determined to build and deliver high quality & affordable mobile application solutions. The final end product comes out to be exceedingly interactive, user-friendly and exquisite, offering a wide variety of functions and efficient design to help achieve your business goals.

Services We provide

We believe in offering on-going services around technology development. Developing a mobile application or responsive web platform is just the start of the digital journey, it needs a partner to take care of the continuous growth and engagement. App It was founded with the mission to fill this gap and build an ecosystem among all our partners.


We create visual magic that's beautifully user-friendly, crafted with the end-user at heart. From research, to prototypes, to pixel-perfect UI.


We build cutting edge mobile and web applications, from native apps to responsive websites to chatbots.

Hosting and Maintainance

Continuous upgrades, maintenance, app and website hosting with support including improved native functionality and processing, and enhanced application personalization.

Technical Consulting

If you have a technical issue which you cannot resolve, we provide efficient solutions to your complex problems.

Our Specialities

We have been helping our clients with expertise in these areas. If you have a problem to solve in your business, good chance that we have the solution.

Server Management

The entire developmental process is backed up by a solid infrastructure. We take care of OS updates and monitoring.

Internet of Things

Connect your devices to the internet, allowing them to sync and exchange data.

Geofencing Marketing

Alert customers of the benefits available in their immediate vicinity.

Paperless Queuing System

Manage queues effectively and efficiently.

UX Driven Design

Design your product with user centred approach to maximise convertion and usability.

Loyalty Program

Boost your business by having an easy, quick and convenient point-based loyalty program to encourage your customers to come back for more.


Update customers and colleagues of special dates and events.

In-app Payments

Facilitate your customers' shopping experience and receive instant confirmation(s) via push notification or via email.


years of excellence






Team Expansion

Going strong since 2014

For over 5 years, we have been supporting our partners for their technical requirements. As a testimonial of our quality service, we have over 25 partners that trust us with their technical needs. Our expanding team also recorded an annual growth of 60%.

Integration with Third Party Providers

Global Payments
Recon (Cityline)

Our Team


Vishal Kirpalani



Samantha Lin

Senior Relationship Manager

Inclusiveness for results

Our colleagues are diverse in background, with different ethnicity, experiences and interests. Team daily stand-up and weekly sharing sessions make sure every voice is heard. Senior colleagues are friendly, open minded and willing to help out with sharing experience and knowledge of best practices. We are flexible for suggestions and encourage team work to deliver results.

Happier team makes better work

  • - Cozy office (well stocked with caffeine!)
  • - Cheerful and friendly colleagues
  • - Use of popular development tools, following agile development principles
  • - Fun monthly gatherings to build interpersonal skills and share fond memories

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